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The unit of the patient is the set formed by the space of the room, the furniture and the material that the patient uses during his stay in the hospital center. Therefore, the number of patient units will be equal to the number of beds the hospital has. The theme of the design of clinics, hospitals, equipment and hospital furniture is complicated since several aspects have to be observed, such as the efficiency in Bridge table for feeding in bed. Our bridge tables for feeding in bed combine an attractive and ergonomic design with characteristics of resistant infection.

Our laminated Thermofoil tables used over a bed provide durability, and a protective anti-spill edge to reduce infection control problems. Tables used over a bed are manufactured with the lowest base in the industry, our bridge tables for feeding in bed move easily under any hospital bed or recliner. With an integrated rail on all our tables, the accessories can be transferred from the console to the table rail for patient use. We provide the perfect solution for every patient care environment. From ICU, Hospitalization to Long-Term Care facilities, Feeding tables offer flexible feeding tables and hospital trays with designs that provide premium support to all of their patients.

Characteristics of tables used over a bed:

  • Easy to clean, with seamless stop for infection control
  • Moves easily under any hospital bed, stretcher or recliner
  • Integrated accessory rail, for adding storage units and equipment
  • Anodized Aluminum Column
  • Base in U, H or C to facilitate mobility, fit in beds, stretchers, recliners, wheelchairs
  • Base made of high strength steel
  • Can support up to 100 pounds of weight distributed evenly
  • nti-spill protective edge to contain lipid (up to 36 ounces)
  • Storage baskets for urinals, garbage, and personal items (can be sterilized to facilitate cleaning)
  • Whiteboard top for pediatric use and for patients with hearing impairments
  • Top available in the form of kidney, peanuts, kidney beans for pregnant patients and/or bariatric patients

The values of the auxiliary tables are fixed in advance, but only as reference values. It is the center that must decide what values will be established to adapt to their situation. Therefore you can delete, modify and add to get a consistent system with which to start working. The main function of this piece of furniture today is to serve as a support for the consumption of food, as well as a work platform for which trades. However, there are other collaterals uses such as table games. Although in previous articles we have already mentioned the most recommendable products to adopt a bedroom for a bedridden person, this time we are going to deepen and we will talk about one of those products: the auxiliary bed tables.

Tables used over a bed are a product that allows infinite opportunities, which favors the leisure and entertainment of the patient during the bed. That is why we highlight it today. Tables used over a bed serve to deposit on her the trays of the food. Due to its special design, it allows adjusting its height, adapting it to the patient, so that it can eat semi-incorporated and with greater comfort. The auxiliary bed tables are very practical, allowing perform many tasks of everyday life. They are especially recommended for articulated beds with planes since they allow raising the part of the headboard to incorporate the patient. In this way, the bedridden can eat, read, write, and use the computer and many other tasks.

Table used over a beds are a product that is usually used in hospitals since it is there where patients usually spend more hours bedridden. The auxiliary table is also a product present in residences of the third age since some old people must spend long periods on the bed or in an armchair; the possibility of regulating the auxiliary tables in height makes this a very versatile product for all types of public.

There are different types of tables used over a bed:

  • With wheels: they are very useful since they allow, in a faster and simpler way, to place the table at the distance that the user wants. In addition, it allows removing it more comfortably and transporting it without having to load in weight with it. The vast majority of models have an adjustable tabletop at an angle, to be used for eating, reading or using the computer. They have brakes on at least two of the wheels to prevent them from moving during use.
  • With legs: they are smaller and have folding legs that allow them to be used as a tray or as a side table. Depending on the model, they offer a different inclination or stay in a horizontal position. They usually offer less stability than the tables with support and wheels but are more manageable to be able to be placed on the legs.
  • From a plane: the entire surface of the table is in one piece so that the entire auxiliary table is regulated uniformly.
  • Two planes: it has two “trays” or surfaces that can be regulated independently, to suit the user. They are useful, for example, to read with the inclined board and have a drink on the board that is left horizontally.

We hope you have learned more about the auxiliary tables, their types, and functionality. At us, we have different models of auxiliary tables for bed, so we invite you to enter our website and see our online catalog. If you are interested in any model or want to request information, you can contact us through our website or contact number.

Characteristics of tables used over a bed:

Double Access: Double compartments to store various items and toilet with access from either side of the feeding table.

Welded Base: The welded base provides greater strength while the polypropylene cover provides additional comfort to the patient. Three base options allow compatibility with any of the Hill-Rom bed models.

Easy Operation: A pneumatic gas cylinder in the mechanism provides easy adjustment of the Hi-Lo height, both for the patient and for the healthcare staff.

Availability of Double Trays: Some models are available with double trays to maximize the space of use and make the feeding time more convenient.

Contact us today to learn more about feeding tables and trays for hospital to offer premium support to all of your patients.

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