5 Great Summer Lawn Care Tips

Finally, it is time to get back outside and resume our gardening and landscaping endeavors. If you are one of the few brave enough to tackle your lawn and landscape on your own, kudos to you! It can be hard work, although fun for some, to maintain a healthy, lush lawn and landscape. There are many factors that go into a great looking property and spring is an important time to begin taking care of your precious landscape. To help get you started this year, here are the top 4 spring lawn care tips that will help you through the entire year.

The most basic Lawn Care Business Jacksonville Florida that you can undertake yourself, or that you can hire a service for, is a weekly lawn cutting. This will usually consist of the grass cutting with a push mower or ride on mower, if your lawn is large enough to need this for time constraints, and the edging being trimmed with a string trimmer (or weed whacker depending on your colloquial expression) to give it a sharp look. Having a regularly scheduled time in which this happens will keep you on top of your lawn. Without this regular plan your lawn can get away from you in a hurry and be more work to get back to something aesthetic once more.

Decide What You Are Going To Charge For Your Services- Try to price your services competitively to what they are in your area. If you charge too much, you’ll price yourself out of Lawn Care Business. If you charge too little, you might not make enough money to even cover your expenses. This is why it is so important to figure out first what your expenses will be, so you will know how much money you will need to make each week.

It can take time to find the ideal pricing level for the lawn service that you are providing. But it is important that you do keep working on fine tuning your prices so that you can be hitting the ‘sweet spot’ as often as possible. Let’s look at the dangers of pricing at a level that is too high or too low and why it is so important that you aim to get it right.

Let’s say you live in the city of Mississauga and you want to offer a basic grass cutting service or regular lawn treatments to control weeds and grubs. You could get the word out quickly just by going door to door and leaving a simple business flyer that announces your new Mississauga lawn care business. Describe what your lawn services company specializes in and offer a limited time discount for the first 10 customers.

Winter lawn care also involves a thorough clean up of the yard. Everything should be off the grass if at all possible. Swing sets and above ground pools can’t be moved, but if it can be moved then move it to the shed for the winter. Keeping items off the grass will ensure that it won’t die. In the summer if something is left on the grass, the grass can quickly recover; in the winter, the opposite occurs and you will probably have to reseed in the spring.

Effective lawn care tips include not watering the lawn daily as the roots hate this. They want to go deep into the earth in search of water and minerals. If they get water every day, the roots will remain close to the ground surface and the root system will become week. Give the grass water as and when required.

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