Cope With Depression On Everyday Basis To Welcome The Life Again- Yes! You Can Do It!

Laziness and lethargy are not personal characteristics. They are simply the symptom of a deeper problem: The lack of MOTIVATION. That’s right, we will not be inspired to move, act and do unless we are motivated to do so.

How I would explain it is that it is like the case of the body telling your mind that the chocolate cake would make you feel good. Most times, people simply cave in and succumb to the physical temptation. But it doesn’t make your body feel good – OK maybe for a moment or too but quikly it begins to drag your body down and causes you problems – especially if you are already over weight or suffer from obesity. Like Ms. Andrews says, if your mind/body were a business, your mind would be the CEO and your body would be the subordinate. Could you imagine your employee telling you to do something that you knew would harm your business? It’s nonsense.

Leslie Boyd gets a sinking feeling in the stomach every time he rises to speak in public, and he doesn’t know why. The physical reason is that before he rises to speak he takes short, nervous breaths instead of deep big breaths and the sinking feeling is due to lack of air in his lungs and diaphragm. To speak properly you must breathe properly. Life comes in breathing. There is probably nothing so important in the growth of self- confidence as the habit of easy, steady, deep breathing.

If after trying these simple steps, you still cannot sleep at night. Talk to your doctor. There is insomnia medication and insomnia treatments that medically trained professionals can provide you.

Simply how to breathe properly on incidents or events in your life that relate to those characteristics, and you can find the ways of being, acting, feeling, and thinking that make you happiest. With these foundations, you can begin building a life of joy, peace, and abundance.

Suzanne Andrews is the President of Health Wise Exercise and the Host of Functional Fitness, PBS TV; where they proclaim: “We put the FUN in FUNctional Fitness!” She is also the author of a renowned article: “How Mediation Helps You Lose Weight”.

It is not often that your brain is in the present moment. Your mind wanders: in the past, in the future, in other dreams or fantasies but very rarely stays in the present moment. There are reasons for which this occurs. There are parts of the brain which are constantly activated by habit or because there’s a memory that is more or less stressful or emotional. The strength of this activation in the brain is such that we tend to repeat the thought or the memory. And because of this repetition, these pathways in the brain are activated and the thoughts related to these pathways keep intruding. They keep intruding over, and over, and over again, until you stop nurturing them by not thinking them.

Set aside a few minutes daily to meditate on the encouraging and inspirational verses and messages found in the best selling book of all time-the Bible.

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