Do It Yourself Solar Panels – Make Your Own Domestic Solar Panels In 5 Simple Steps

Why Is Solar Energy Good? Simply put, it saves you money, makes your country more energy self-sufficient, reduces your carbon footprint, does not pollute, and helps to preserve the environment for future generations. That’s plenty of reasons right there!

4) Solar installations are just too expensive! This one is definitely a huge myth! In the UK you can get solar installed on your home for free on a government scheme or some companies even offer finance on solar panels.

Now you can shave with a solar shaver; charge your cell phone or MP3 player with a solar charger; listen to music or the news on your solar panels in el paso tx radio; and then there’s always the old standby, the solar calculator.

~Solar power is not only renewable but it lets us be free from constant handling of potential dangerous equipment. I’m talking about things like transformers and power lines which, if their raw materials were to interact with a person when it is actively channeling electricity, that person would die. With solar energy panels, we don’t have to worry about that at all!

What does a geothermal installation solve? A typical geothermal installation will solve three out of the four energy buckets, or about 73% of a total home’s energy needs: space cooling (9%), space heating (45%) and water heating (18%). What’s left is the electrical consumption (28%).

Alternative solar energy does not give off any carbon emissions therefore it does not add to the pollution. The environment does not need any more problems. We leave too big of a carbon footprint as it is. This has even caused global warming to happen some do believe.

No one can doubt that solar is here to stay. It isn’t a trend – it’s just a common sense step forward that a growing number of home owners around the world prefer. It’s better for both the environment and the budget over the long run. The question is no longer why would someone get solar panels; it is why not getting electric solar panels? Sunshine is one of the few things left that is plentiful and free – why not take full advantage of it to power homes?

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