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The last words any car owner wants to hear at a repair shop is they need a head gasket. It is not a cheap repair and often is a predictor of future problems down the road. The question in many cases, however, is whether a faulty gasket is actually the problem.

Plan what you are going to do. There are several things you need to check before you start the projects. First, make sure that you have the right faucet. Make sure that Double Jacketed Gaskets the fixtures fit. If you are updating the faucet, see to it that it is the right fit for the sink. You have to plan everything to make sure that you finish everything on time.

You could be backwashing too often. Backwash only when the pressure rises 7 – 10 psi over the starting pressure, or when the return flow back into the pool becomes low.

Your pump may be too big for your filter. During backwashing the pressure can cause the sand to rise high enough to overflow into the standpipe, allowing sand to flow back into the pool. Refer to your Owner’s Manual for the correct amount of Spiral Wound Gaskets sand for your filter.

The valve seat gasket inside the valve has become worn or loose. How do you replace the gasket? You will need a new gasket, some Krazy Glue, and a sharp 1/8-inch wide flat bladed screwdriver.

When getting ready, it is important to have the right tools and materials on hand, such as jack stands, a socket set and an oil drain pan. Let your car engine run for 10 minutes before you drain the oil since warm oil is easier to drain than cold. Make sure you park on a level surface or, if your car has a low clearance, jack it up or drive it onto a ramp. If youre jacking up the car, use two jack stands instead of one. (An additional jack costs about $20 and that is a small price to pay to spare your face from being squished by a badly balanced car.) You might want to check your cars manual about the weight of oil and type of oil filter you need to use.

If it’s nice out, open your windows and shut off your systems. Get a touch of nature inside with fresh air flowing through your rooms. It doesn’t hurt to let your home fluctuate between 10 degrees as day and night shifts happen. Just remember, you are using Mother Nature as intended, no need to pay for temperature control.

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