Hank Hanegraaf And Sigmund Broewer “The Last Disciple” A Christian Book Review

It has been said that it’s not rocket science to figure out what the Holy Bible says regarding personal deliverance from our crumbling world system, but it may as well be so. (Please view our last posting by clicking here: ignorance and stupidity of religion and politics) If someone tells you they have figured it out, because someone else explained it to them, would that make any difference to you? Good question.

Coming up soon, November 2-9, 2008, famous saxophonist Dave Koz kicks off his annual Smooth Jazz cruise with a 7-day voyage through the Caribbean. (Take note some of the originally scheduled ports-of-call have changed due to recent hurricane damage.) It’s called Dave Koz and Friends at Sea and there are still a few cabins available on Holland America’s Westerdam. I enjoyed listening to the popular musician when he previously co-hosted the morning show on KTWV Radio in Christian apologetics Los Angeles with the delightful Pat Prescott.

This chart clearly shows the Bible as the best attested writing of antiquity. If we can’t trust what the Bible says then can we trust what the other writings say?

Ham feels children are being mislead as early as Sunday school. The survey showed that young people who attended Sunday school were actually more likely to have questions surrounding Christianity. He suggested that unqualified Sunday school teachers may be one cause. Another cause, Ham said, was the Sunday school curriculum focusing on Bible stories and character building/morals, instead of also teaching history and science that comes from the Bible. Those subjects were left to be taught in the schools, which may have been sufficient in years past, but not in today’s public school system. Ham continued that the church needs to focus on the Bible and it’s history, instead of worrying about the entertainment value of our worships services.

But then, what is greg bahnsen apologetics freedom? In his letter to the Galatians, Paul is upset that those whom he helped lead to Christ and whom learned the gospel, were now being lead astray by legalists who were teaching that works of the flesh were also necessary for salvation.

“As I drew near the conclusion, I felt a resistance almost as strong as my previous resistance to Theism. . . . Every step I had taken, from the Absolute to ‘Spirit’ and from ‘Spirit’ to ‘God,’ had been a step toward the more concrete, the more imminent, the more compulsive. At each step one had less chance ‘to call one’s soul one’s own.’ . . . I know very well when, but hardly how, the final step was taken. I was driven to Whipsnade [Zoo] one sunny morning. When we set out I did not believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and when we reached the zoo I did. Yet I had not exactly spent the journey in thought. Nor in great emotion. . . . It was more like when a man, after long sleep, still lying motionless in bed, becomes aware that he is now awake” (Lewis pp. 129-130).

The most important thing to remember is that you should always keep God first in all your endeavors and that means dating as well. Your relationship with God should be your number one priority. When you like someone a lot, it is easy to get sidetracked. When you are dating someone you should be doing so with the sole intent of worship God and furthering the Christian agenda. Dating, inside the Christian faith, is about worshipping God, as should everything else in your life be. Learn more about same faith dating.

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