How Much Social Media Can We Take?

The first step for marketing with LinkedIn would be a no-brainer: sign up if you haven’t! This is so important because one cool fact I know about LinkedIn is that your name can be searched on Google and your LinkedIn profile will appear on the first page. Could you imagine how powerful this networking site is for your business? People will just search your name on Google and they could instantly access your profile.

However, things have started to change. Most “business meetings” nowadays take place virtually. Instead of showing up in a classy suit, your client can get to know you via your website or through an email. Most of the times your product speaks for yourself and you can only hope that your product will create a good first impression through a great wrapper design or a clever promotion.

Find out what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong, as well as what you are not doing at all by having a dialogue with your clients. To do so, establish and maintain Twitter, Facebook and Purchase Aged LinkedIn Accounts that you use regularly; do surveys; blog; visit industry forums; and more. Any time you have an opportunity to communicate with your clients and would-be clients, whether in person or virtually, do so. That is where you will find the most valuable information about what exactly they want and how you can meet their needs better. This is one of the most valuable small business marketing tips you can get.

Technique: One rule of effective cold calling is to get a “yes” or “no” at the end of every conversation. So, learn how to deal with the stalls, objections and put-offs when prospecting. For example, when someone says, “Call me in a month” say, “Sure, now suppose it was two months from now and I called you and we were on the phone, what do you suppose you’d be telling me then?” This technique effectively, and with finesse, eliminates the “call me in a month” put-offs. I call it the “take it to the future move.” Note that while asking what they’d say if you call them further in the future than they asked, it’s quite disarming!

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That in turn will potentially bring more traffic back to your website so people can read about your products and services an ultimately those visitors may become customers, clients or strategic partners.

Each tag costs about $0.10. So if you have $10, imagine how many tags you will be able to buy with such a small amount of investment! Each tag or keyword that is traded in TagVillage has lots of potential. You can even sell it for a higher price as its value increases.

Don’t give up. It takes time for new blogs to gain attention. There is no such thing as overnight success. Make sure your content is well-written, and keep an eye on which marketing strategies work best for you. Be persistent, and eventually your efforts will pay off!

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