How To Get To Move Her From Friend To Girlfriend

Actor Antonio Sabato Jr. picked his lady on last night’s finale of the VH1 reality show, My Antonio. 30 year old Brooke Barlow won Sabato’s heart. But Sabato, who is best known for his racy Calvin Klein undie ads as well as his role of Jagger Cates on the soap opera General Hospital, lived through a soap opera of his own while filming My Antonio.

In dating, this can be summed up as the feeling of “desperation.” The man’s desire for a woman so bad, we begin to ignore everything else but our own overpowering emotions. The woman ceases to be seen as a human being, and becomes an object of desire.

Having said that, not everyone or everything financial has followed the current recession in stride. There are a vast number of penny stocks that have been, fortunately, bucking the trend.

GPS-es are for cars not a tracking device for your relationship. Status updates shouldn’t pin-point your every whereabout or detail every argument with your new boo. Allowing Facebook friends to map out when you’re travelling smooth paths or bumpy roads is like giving a stranger access to your home.

Unfortunately that’s not how this story ends. While the show’s viewers would like to believe that Sabato and Barlow rode off into the sunset together, the truth of the matter is the couple broke up well before the final episode of My Antonio even aired. In true reality TV garotas de programa porto velho fashion, the relationship fizzled quickly once reality set in.

Interacting with your ex on Facebook is a train wreck waiting to happen, especially if one still has feelings for the other, or you left your ex for the new person. A friendly gesture posted on your wall may seem harmless to you but come across as flirtatious to a boy/girlfriend who’s sitting back reading them. Or worse, your former love could reveal personal stories or private matters that you aren’t ready to expose.

A pretty good self-esteem and self-respect will totally make a woman admire you. It has been always said to me that men are chauvinist and that they are egotistical who always feel superior when compared to women. But this is hardly what defines self-esteem and self-respect. Self-esteem and self-respect is simply put as someone who has values enough to last him in this lifetime but not too much to cause him to stand out and dominate the arena. This is not self-esteem. This is a classic example of too much self-confidence even if he knows that he is not.

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