How To Pick An Engagement Ring

The diamond ring prong setting is probably the most popular of all for those choosing a diamond ring. Four or six prong settings are often used although you can go to eight prong where four sets of two prongs grouped together provide extra security for the diamond.

Cut – The cut of a diamond refers to how well it is cut, which is graded from poor all the way to ideal. The cut creates the brilliance that is so highly coveted in a gemstone. A well cut diamond allows light to penetrate through the diamond and then bounce from one side to the other, reflecting out and creating a shiny, brilliant effect. Meanwhile, a poorly cut diamond does not allow light to penetrate and leaks light more than reflecting it.

Keep in mind, there are some rare colored diamonds found in blues, yellows and other colors that make the diamonds in this category rare and valuable.

Choose an oval 鑽石 which has a six prong setting. According to the size of your diamond, you may also have to opt for an eight prong setting. These technical details are important as it would help you buy the best there is. Pick and choose the ring. Do not rush on this one.

One word of caution, it is advisable to go for four or six prongs. Three prongs are also available but many find they do not provide the level of security for the stone they need.

If you want to surprise your lady love then you must have the idea of her favourite shape. You must also have the idea of the size of her ring finger. Remember generally the cost of the ring is reflected in the size of the diamond.

You should not settle on something that is less. When shopping for the perfect diamond ring, see to it that you know all the necessary considerations in order for you to buy the perfect one. Do not forget to bring along a cellphone stun gun so you will have something to use just in case someone attempts to rob you or the jewelry shop.

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