Loose Diamonds: A Brief Guide

Looking to invest in diamonds? The future is full of potential for brilliant appreciation as the sparkle of diamonds continues to fascinate men and women of all ages. The demand is growing is such large proportions that the mines are unable to keep pace. The price rise is therefore not artificial or fabricated but reflects a genuine demand for the most precious and preferred gem in the market.

The first synthetic Diamonds were produced in the 1950s in Sweden and then not so long after the synthesis of diamonds was reported a second time by researchers at GE. Even De Beers, the worlds larget producer of natural 鑽石4c experimented with synthesising diamonds and succeeded.

It makes sense that larger diamonds will cost more that smaller diamonds even if the amount of total carats is the same. A single one carat diamond will cost more that two diamonds set in a ring that add up to one carat because larger size diamonds are much harder to find and are highly valued when found. Diamonds lose almost half their size when they are cut.

Apart from knowing the value and all other information regarding the pieces, it is recommended to compile all accurate paperwork. Inspect the pieces carefully, take notes of all details and imperfections, and write a history on how you acquired and cared for the diamond. Selling a diamond together with paperwork, certificates or appraisals will likely get a higher price. Remember to take photos of every angle of the piece before selling. This will serve as protection in case a buyer tries to “return” your diamond but has actually replaced it with a fake.

Going to jewelry stores may seem like a good choice, but this is not always the safest option. Since you don’t know anything about diamonds, they might find ways to lower the price and pay you less for your gem. This is the one place that you should avoid. If you cant hire someone to appraise the gem, then you should visit different jewelry stores to sell your diamond based on their different appraisals.

If you were to target this keyword… buy diamonds online, then you can see that there isn’t a ton of traffic. Only 720 searches a month on Google. But don’t turn your back on this number because remember its a long tail keyword and its a buyer keyword. Most similar keywords in other niches do not get this amount of traffic. So really this 720 searches is a lot. Many converting long tail keywords gets less than 10 searches a month. Buy diamonds online is a very good keyword to target.

Now this is quite the tricky part. Looking for a reputable diamond buyer is quite a dime a dozen. To make sure that you will get the highest price possible, try to sell diamonds to a friend or relative who’s been lusting over your diamonds. Usually they’re the ones who will offer you the best price. Another option is to offer your diamonds at a reputable store. Probably the last profitable option would be to sell diamonds to a local diamond retailer. Though they offer an acceptable amount, do not expect a hefty amount since they would also sell your diamonds to another person or store.

Once you buy loose diamonds make sure it is accompanied by the certificate. There are several certificates available in the market. Do not buy diamonds if they don’t have the certificate. Once you are clear with the above details shopping for diamonds would be fun and can also make you money.

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