More Camping Safety Tips: Campfires And Wildlife

If you’re heading to Burning Man this year, here are some tips for those who choose to camp instead of RV. Learn what to bring and what not to bring to insure a fun yet comfortable stay.

Landscape with fire-resistant plants such as hardwood trees, and use more native vegetation. Trim your trees to create a 15-foot space between tree crowns and remove limbs 15 feet from the ground.

However, due to the decrease of number of trees, it is hard nowadays to find natural fireplace logs. Why not save a tree or a dozen of it by using scrap papers for bonfires, look here, or in our fireplaces? This may be more environment-friendly than chopping another tree down. Let’s start saving the world by conserving its resources. Although trees are renewable resources, it takes years for a tree to be matured, while it takes us hours or even minutes to cut down a single tree.

Make certain your chimney or stove pipe meets local requirements and building codes. Deposit the ashes in a metal bucket, soak in water for 2 days, and then bury the cold ashes.

Starting at the beginning though, getting into your campsite is the real fun part – especially if it is not a drive-through. The new words you discover as you try to reverse into your site are very rewarding. My vocabulary has increased ten-fold since camping with my wife as my reversing guide! And the experts you find in the field are amazing – “You should have lessened your lock and then taken it slower, now edge forward a touch, blah blah blah…”. I wish I could have watched some of the “experts” do it.

Whenever I ask one of the young ladies I know to tell me their favorite girl scout song or campfire girl song, the first one they say is Princess Pat. So here is Princess Pat, along with a few other camping songs popular among girl scouts, campfire girls and other organizations for girls.

Sleeping bags, camping cots, hammocks and the like are nice camping furniture that can make your stay comfortable. They will definitely help you relax at night after the long day of activity. In fact, they can even give you the experience of being close to your home. If you are camping during cold weather, these things paired with other camping accessories will definitely provide enough warmth for everybody. Aside from that, to give enough light at night, you can bring along your trusted flashlight and portable lamps and put them beside your bed.

Organize neighborhood meetings to discuss wildfire safety, ways the group can work together in the event of a fire, and invite guest speakers from the local fire department.

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