Never Travel With Cold Feet Again

I admit it – I was bitten by the travel bug at a very young age, and now, there are very few things I love as much as traveling. Throughout the years, my wife and I took our family to some pretty amazing places. But there was one huge difference between our travels and those of many vacationers; we didn’t have excessive amounts of cash to spend when we went on vacation, so we learned how to travel cheap, while still enjoying a great time doing it.

Well, Dreamy let’s this talk get into his head and he says goodbye to Nova leaving her in tears. He returns to the mine and begins hammering away with his ax but it’s not breaking any rocks. Instead the ax breaks. The other dwarves hand Dreamy a new ax and it reveals his new name: Grumpy.

If your man سبانجا ومعشوقية light, if he has moved five times in the last three years; if he has changed four jobs in the last year, this could be a red flag that your man cannot commit to a permanent arrangement.

Leroy ascends a building and stands on the edge of a roof holding a pick ax. He is overlooking the town square which is decoratively lit for Miner’s Day. With one hard stroke of the ax he knocks the transformer out, sending the town into darkness. You have to admit, it’s a clever way to sell some candles.

There is a friendly love, the kind of love we have for a dear friend. If you have been with a man for a long time, and especially if romantic love has subsided a notch, he may very well love you as a friend. One guy I know told me that after being with a woman for several years, living together for two years, and marrying her eventually, he filed for divorce after being married for less than a year. He said he had the utmost respect for his wife, but the passion was gone. He started to feel as if they were very close friends, but romantic love was no longer present.

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Pet food drive for KCMO shelter: All Brookside Barkery & Bath stores (Brookside, Lee’s Summit and Olathe) are having a pet food drive for Halfway Home Pet Adoptions this month. Food purchased to donate to the shelter will be 20 percent off. Brookside Barkery is also accepting cash donations to provide food to the shelter.

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