Preparing For A Dog Or Puppy

Face it, old dogs love to cozy up in their master’s bed. However, older canines often have a very difficult time jumping onto and off the bed as they age. Many senior dogs suffer the painful effects of arthritis. When osteoarthritis progresses in the joints of dogs, they become stiff and far less agile. Jumping onto the bed can become all but impossible.

This makes it easier to keep the bed clean and sanitary. It also makes it easier to find alternatives that can be occasionally wiped down with dog-safe cleaners in between washings.

Use the word, “you” rather than “I”, because you want to connect with the prospective buyer. Using the personal pronoun, you, also helps to word benefits rather features. Buyers are looking for benefits.

A healthy dog is a happy dog. Regular visits to the veterinarian are necessary for the health of your dog. Unexpected visits are also par for the course when you own a dog, so make sure you are ready for the financial commitment as much as the emotional commitment of having a dog.

The supplements sold for pets have a high mark-up. Glucosamine (for joints), MSM, fish oil, vitamin C, all types of herbs, and many other supplements can be bought on sale at the drug store, grocery store, or Costco for a better price. You can also be assured it’s human quality. Read the ingredients! Also, you do not need a puppy multivitamin if you are feeding a high-quality, balanced diet.

Adopting an older dog is a wise choice for many families because they require less training and attention. For the busy two paycheck family or the family with children, maybe you don’t have 18 hours a day to devote to your new furry family member. Remember puppies need to eat more often which means they need to go outside to do their business more often also. It’s very seldom an older dog will have to relieve themselves at 1, 3, or 4 in the morning as a puppy will. Also an older dog will not cry or whine all night when you first bring them home. Taking in a senior dog usually means they are housebroken and are accustomed to sleeping on their Luksus hundeseng at night without fuss.

Fancy Dog Bed: There are so many cute dog beds out there these days. A fancy bed makes the perfect gift this holiday season. Now these aren’t your average dog beds. These beds have fancy, decorated covers and bed frames; some even have brass bed frames. The cutest ones look just like human beds, only much, much smaller. Give your dog the gift of luxury this holiday season.

Make sure that the heating pad is only switched on when the dog is using the bed. Turn it on before you go to sleep and make sure it is off in the morning.

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