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“The Village Voice” on Long Island News. ” Islanders News: Island News Professional” is the name of its sister publication, which is now just known as ” Isles News.” A classic example of the colorful, happy covers that were featured in Fire Island News since the late 1940s. Fire Island News (FIN) was delivered to your home at a cost of just 15 cents for each copy. A welcome package was also included. The readers would get their first genuine glimpse of the colorful characters that made up this daily dose of news from the Islands, a collection of characters that were characterized by the crisp, unpretentious lines, under the all-knowing newspaper symbol.

For some, however this friendly, yet playful image was not enough. Island News was a class to them. In a way it was. People who lived in homes that were older or who frequented Fire Island, in particular, were considered a bit rigid, with a specific set of values that seemed to be geared towards the preservation of property values over all other things. They were, naturally the most stereotypical among the readers of this newspaper. Learn more about Island News Top Stories now.

Long Island life was a grind. Everything had to be done or nothing was going to be accomplished. This included, of all things, putting together the puzzles, the daily and weekly puzzles. (That’s another story.) Check back soon.)

One particularly notable resident of this little paradise was Frank Shamrock. Frank Shamrock was an insurance salesman at AIG, a huge insurance company. Frank was so passionate about his job that the company took him on an absence from his job to pursue his passion. He purchased a tiny, one-bedroom house situated on a small parcel of land on the East Bay of Long Island. It was a comfortable small oasis away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It was just the right place for the couple.

Shamrock loved the peaceful atmosphere. The gray concrete of his property created a sense stillness – even if there were busy cars whizzing through, he felt at peace knowing he was in a quiet area. There was no noise inside, no barking dogs or children playing. There were no barking dogs being barked at. He felt serene. It was like stepping into the ocean’s vast blue.

Then , one day, as returning back home after shopping at the mall, Frank came face-to-face with the most terrifying image: a bullet hole in his head. He collapsed to the ground unconscious. He was unconscious when he regained his consciousness and was now in a hospital bed, breathing hard. He was astonished at how his life could have been completely flipped upside down in such a short time. He was not willing to think that this could be happening to him, but he needed to ask himself how exactly how could this happen?

Frank was treated and survived, but he left a big question mark on his calendar: What’s next? He was not sure if it was a possibility to return to South Beach or move to another part of New York City. Frank was an artist of his own who wanted to build a home for his family and himself. He couldn’t imagine never ever moving. Perhaps even a trip to other countries where he might find an employment that is meaningful?

Fortunately, he had the right people. Frank was assisted by his best friend, his sister in law, and his landlord. They made him feel more confident in himself, regardless of the setback. They gave him the support he needed to persevere despite the physical limitations. Island News did a great job of documenting his healing.

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