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Promoting your CD to radio takes a lot of organization and time management skills. Let me help organize your process. First you need to find radio stations that are willing to accept submissions from independent artists (contact names, addresses, phone and email for radio stations across the globe are listed in “The Indie Guide To Music, Marketing and Money” and The Indie Contact Guide – it’s companion book).

What do little princesses like to do? They like cantonese songs to play party games! They like to make princess craft projects! And we have some fun ideas to share with you so you can prepare for the games and crafts you need to WOW your guests.

The Rochester Show. It’s only a month away-give or take. It’s Sun., April 3 at the Eagles Club, 917 15th Av. SE, 507.289.9532. Dealers and collectors from Mpls./St. Paul should take Highway 52 south to Highway 14 (12th St. SE), turn left, follow it to 15th Av. SE, turn left again. The Eagles Club is approx. a block and a half north on the left side of the street.. Hours and admission prices are the same as for the Minneapolis Expo described above.

Send some pictures on scrapbook pages. Let grandma and grandpa know what you’ve been doing during the summer. When was the last time they saw Temple Square or Lagoon with their favorite grandkids attached?

This is my #1! I would rank this as the greatest album of all time because of it’s expansiveness and how many times I can replay it without ever getting tired of it. It’s not as cohesive as most (any?) of the albums on the top 10 and it has a few tracks that aren’t that great by Beatles standards yet somehow it all just works perfectly together for me.

Although it might seem tempting DO NOT use music and song lyrics to dip into German or any alternate foreign language. best songs contain either a form of dialect, inappropriate slang or rude language. a lot hong kong cantopop play with language by falsifying it and twisting it around. Some use very old-fashioned and poetry-style language. So don’t use it.

This album is now nearly 10 years old and it is the most recent album on the list. I certainly believe it belongs on the list, although I think Kid A should be ranked just as high, if not higher!

In addition, Strait has won over 40 major industry awards and along with his unprecedented 51 Number One hit singles, he leads the all-time Country Music Association (CMA) award nominations with 73 and can boast 19 Number One Country Albums (followed by Merle Haggard and Willie Nelson with 15 each). In 2003, he was inducted into the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame and in 2004, received the National Medal of the Arts from President George W. Bush.

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