Stress Relief – Can It Happen For You?

In this little article I will share with you 4 easy ways to meditate in order to improve your daily life. But before I do that, I will explain what, in my opinion, meditation is.

There are other physical benefits too. As T’ai Chi works through a series of repetitive moves it can help with the balance mechanisms of the body, even re-training the brain to work with a slightly damaged balance mechanism in the inner ear.

Melatonin is a hormone, but you can take it in capsule form. This is available learn to meditate baltimore at most convenience stores and is much preferable to taking artificial sleep aids. Take melatonin 30 minutes before you plan to sleep, and you should feel drowsy. This is because melatonin is creating a sleeping potion effect. Some patients that suffer from insomnia do not have enough melatonin. They try to sleep every night, but they never feel sleepy. This is because their bodies do not produce any sleep potion, so they feel the same in bed as they do when fully awake.

I fall into the cold refreshing enlivening wetness of the steam. As the water carries me effortlessly around rocks I imagine everything as God. (More than just early religious conditioning). The sense of awe as my senses explode with joyful exuberance, color and aliveness at having landed in the water in my clothes only makes the fun of this experience more titillating. I surrender to the moment. I drink deep the water.

Let’s start by defining mediation. I define meditation very broadly as any mental exercise that incorporates both relaxation and focus. This practice has made its way into sports under the term, visualization. Visualization is a type of meditation that incorporates relaxation and focus on such visual concepts as the perfect golf swing, the perfect swim stroke, or just plain winning. Many Olympic athletes take time each day to relax and focus on receiving the gold medal. Does it work?

Just the same as T’ai Chi, meditation takes many years to master and in fact to truly master both, the following phrase applies. ‘Keep the beginners mind’. Only with the acceptance and enthusiasm of a beginner will you keep the process of discovery going that is necessary for both disciplines.

Finally, let me give you a warning. Through this article I have kept re-stating that both disciplines require practice. Many years of practice. However, when you do reach the point where you start to experience the benefits discussed, I can almost guarantee that you will have forgotten why you set out on this journey in the first place. Like me, you will have discovered the deep joy in both the arts and you will probably not really care about the benefits they are delivering. T’ai Chi will be in your body and your soul and meditation will be changing you whole perception of the world around you and the way you work with others. So be warned, T’ai Chi and Buddhist meditation are real journeys, not to be taken lightly.

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